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Searching sound

At the end of the preparations for the album "Piano", songs just seem to queue. Anytime I tried to play the last two songs, another few catchy tunes just didn't want to leave me alone. The last tunes which were grabbing my attention are "When", "That is you" and whatever comes next and won`t go without being finished. I still have to hop back into the studio, clear all arranging and finalize the songs with patience and purity. But I can see the harvest on the way home. Its been a long time.

The Subscription: how it works, what it does
March 2016

I was hoping to have the opportunity for making music for my whole life. But there is a joke about being a musician, which unfortunately is very true: its a friend of a musician asking what the other would do if he got a million dollar/euros or similar. "Play until the money's gone." is the answer. 


How does a musician make a living? Traditionally you would go with a label, which would have you personally pay for all the marketing that has to be done. You have no right to influence the decision on how or where the marketing is taking place, and most labels did a pretty lousy job the last decades, which made sound lovers aware of the danger of any offer by a label or other sharks that would like to bite off your arm. Still, the musician by nature seems not to be born for business (otherwise he'd work in a bank instead of playing a rubbish instrument). I know I'm talking cliché here. But fact is, even the biggest musicians don't get payed more than a euro each album they sell. And most of the money evaporates on its way to the final contributor, the writer and singer of the - best case - piece of art. 


As an entrepeneur I was looking to find a way to turn that around. I want the final listener to be able to afford music, but also the musician to be able to earn at least enough to produce the music. Time in a studio is expensive, and I would honestly need to make about 1500€ a month to break even doing music. Thats far from making a living! And not a dime yet spend on advertizing, videos and third party contributing musicians. 


I believe we can do this. I believe there is people out there that love my music, and they have given me so much support ever since, that we are strong enough together to go on a journey to find followers, fans, artists that join, lovers, contributers, investors. I don't mean the big sharks in the bank, and this is not a money making business. I believe in all of us. If we all put our hand out, not for some political decision this time, and not to point on someone but to do something for what we love we can do this together. If each of us gives one coin a month, be it a dollar, a euro, some funny money or pounds: it will come together to a bond which becomes powerful. Its our music, its your living rooms that will benefit from your contribution, and its a simple swap: lets have the courage to stand for what we love. 


I would like to welcome you to a subscription platform which allows me to make music and for you to live it. 


to the subscription 


Finalizing the website
March 2016

It took me a while to get my head into web development, as I love design and I'm not too intested in C# myself. I found an incredibly cool tool though for building websites. The only thing that didnt come with it automatically is my desired subscription mode, where people can pay a dollar/pound/euro a month for getting a new song every month. All other functions work - you could drop me an email and ask for me to write a song for you. But the automatic pay-out, that would be so great for a musician seems to need special development from an external team. As a musician you really don't know what the next day brings - thats why a method of calculating your income would be most appreciated. Labels and Marketing companies seem to cost more than they add - but knowing what you can use to create further music would be perfect. Working on it!

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