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Emails Willkommen!  |  anannrei at gmail com
Anrufe gerne nach Email-Kontakt, sonst sms
49+1577 - 3192595
Postadresse -  
Kettelerstr. 37, 48147 Münster, z.H. Annrei Laufkötter
Hexenhaus - Begegnungsstätte für kleine Konzerte und Zwischenraum. Ziegelweg 6, 41199 Mönchengladbach
Malkasten - Künstlerverein | Kunstpalast 
Hier finden nach Absprache Gartenkonzerte statt
Jacobistrasse 6a, 40211 Düsseldorf
Museum - Begegnungsstätte für den Zwischenraum, 
Atelier für Win-Win. Auch für Übernachtungen buchbar. 
Bruchstr 66, 40235 Düsseldorf, ab 2020

This website is currently not functioning. It is the preview of a marketing idea which would introduce a recurring payment system to music lovers, who could then pay a monthly fee to get a song each month and maybe more. None of the songs that you can listen to on this website right now are for sale. I do not claim to have the rights to sell music or work with customers right now. This is not a running business. I am currently approaching Sony Music for a potential collaboration regarding me and the songs of the 2CELLOS. I will also get in touch with the band "trio obscure" for the same reasons; and there is also the possibility for a future get-together of Ludovico Einaudi. There is no trade, sale or agreement in between any of these parties and me, Annrei. 

The model of a 1-Euro abo is currently browseable, but there is no real checkout. I do not have any clients based on this website and I am currently not offering this as a business model. There are no upcoming concerts that I am promoting on this website. 

For further legal notice or activity please provide notice to 

Annrei Laufkötter ℅ H.Dirks, Kettelerstraße 37, 48149 Münster. 

The current e-mail adress to answer legal questions would be 

planetcapital a icloud dot com. 

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